Manos Pavlakis


In Brief

Trainer & Trainer of Trainers, Business Coach & HRD Consultant, Specialist in Emotional Intelligence & Collaboration, Expertise in EU Projects & Partnerships, Researcher and Activist, Manos is driven by a strong belief that self-awareness, empathy and initiative are necessary tools to achieve desired change and sustainability in every aspect of personal and working life.



Manos holds Bachelor degrees in Greek Literature (University of Athens) and European Culture Studies (Hellenic Open University), an MA in Human Resource Management (Leeds University Business School) and an MSc in Political Science (University of Crete). He also holds a PhD in Adult Education (Hellenic Open University) titled 'Developing Competent Adult Educators in Learning Organizations'. Finally, he has received certification in Personal and Executive Coaching (Kingstown College).


Work Experience

Manos has a 15-year experience in issues of Training, Human Resources and Coaching. Among others, he has worked in the Life Long Learning Bureau of the General Secretariat of the Government, the Hellenic Open University and the Institute of Corporate Training & Development. He has worked on projects for organizations such as the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and has designed, implemented and evaluated educational programs and activities for various organizations in the public, the private and the third sector.


Teaching Experience

Manos has almost 8.000 hours teaching experience as Adult Trainer regarding issues of emotional intelligence, group dynamics, communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, negotiation skills and more than 2.000 hours as Trainer of Trainers. His collaborations include the National School of Public Administration and Local Government, the Hellenic Open University, the Hellenic Adult Education Association, OTE/Cosmote/Germanos, Piraeus Bank, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Praktiker, Metropolitan Hospital, Le Monde etc.

International Projects

Manos has taken part in various international projects related to adult education, non formal and informal learning. In total, he was coordinator, trainer or team member in more than 20 projects taken place in various countries worldwide. Among others, Manos is proud for his participation in the:

  • the project YouReCa – ‘developing YOUth REporting CApacities’, which was nominated the UNESCO Label of quality and excellence (15 projects out of 1532 world-wide),
  • the project FYGO – ‘Feeling Younger by Getting Older’, which was selected as a featured Success story by the Directorate-General Education and Culture of the European Commission,
  • the project INTOOL –‘It is Never TOO Late Learning to Learn’, which aimed to the development of a ‘learning to learn’ toolkit for trainers at European level,
  • the project STEPS 4 NGOs, which aimed to establish a partnership network in youth organizations from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Nepal, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam.


Manos’ research interests focus on various areas of adult learning. His papers have been presented in international conferences, such as the International Transformative Learning Conference, and published in scientific journals. A selected list includes the following:

  • Kokkos A., Pavlakis, M. (2014). Business Skills. Study research on behalf of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).
  • Pavlakis M., Lefteriotou P. (2014). ‘Dimensions of Transformative Learning in the NGO sector: the case of Youthnet Hellas’. Paper presented at the 11th International Transformative Learning Conference, New York.
  • Pavlakis, M. (2013). Communication and Group Dynamics. Educational material for the Lifelong Centers, Hellenic Open University / Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation.
  • Pavlakis, M. (2013). Effective Collaboration in the workplace. Educational material for the Lifelong Centers, Hellenic Open University / Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation.
  • Kottoris S., Pavlakis M. (2013). ‘Training entrepreneurs through online platforms: towards the creation of a web based community of practice’. Paper presented at the Education and Learning Issues in Entrepreneurship international workshop of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens Greece.
  • Nikolopoulou, V., Leftheriotou, P., Papadantonakis A., Pavlis-Korres M. and Pavlakis M. (2012). Training of Adults Educators. Notes of the educational program of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Governance.
  • Kakouris A., Voudda A.P., Pavlakis M. (2012). 'Triggering self-reflection and informal praxis in the Greek public sector through adult training'. Paper presented at the 10th International Transformative Learning Conference, San Francisco.
  • Pavlakis M. (2010). 'Transformative Learning as another paradigm shift: a comparative approach to the theories of Mezirow and Kuhn', Adult Education, Athens: Hellenic Adult Education Association, vol 22, p 23-29.
  • Patronas D., Pavlakis M. (2011). Human Resource Development, Athens: National Center for Public Administration and Local Government.



Manos was very active from young age. He became Chairperson of the Local Youth Council of Paliani, region of Crete and later on he was elected at the Board of Directors of the Central Union of Local Youth Councils of Greece. Together with his position as President of the International Relations and European Programs Committee, Manos developed collaborations with organizations from all over Europe through European Projects giving opportunities to more than 200 young people to gain an educational or working experience in Europe. Some years later, together with some friends, Manos co-founded the NGO Youthnet Hellas. During his leading between 2009 and 2014 Youthnet Hellas took part in over 170 EU subsidized European Projects in various EU countries with active participation of more than 600 Young men and women from Greece. This volume of EU projects brought Youthnet Hellas, informally, at the top spots amongst other Greek NGOs that participate in similar EU projects and led to the European Citizen’s Prize by European Parliament.